Managing Your Time As A Business Owner


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How to manage your time as a business owner

Owning a business is hard work. The passion and drive sometimes get depleted by the multiple tasks needed to succeed. Lack of management and focus can be critical to keep business moving in the right direction. Sometimes being too many things creates disfunction and distractions. Think about it, you are many things:

  • king of networking (even if your a queen)
  • an expert in your field
  • a student in your field
  • your top salesperson
  • HR department
  • marketing manager
  • receptionist
  • IT staff
  • janitor

These roles don’t even factor in the higher priority and personal roles in everyday life like:

  • Mother/Father
  • Wife/Husband
  • Something special to someone
  • social media community manager
  • adventurist planner
  • housecleaner
  • fitness trainer
  • dry cleaner
  • landscaper
  • mechanic
  • dog walker
  • chef

So it’s fair to say aspiring to your dreams and goals can get a bit hectic. Managing your life means managing your business: professional and personal. Your life is a unified business you manage. Some things to remember that can make an easy balance to ¬†your life are:

  • Prioritize your goals – knowing daily, monthly, quarterly, and long term keep you grounded
  • Set work hours for yourself – you’re the boss of you… now get bossy with yourself!
  • Visualizing success daily – if you don’t believe in you who will?
  • Stick to a routine – work, exercise, socializing, it all gets factored in to time spent well
  • Give back – spend some time mentoring or helping out others, it sparks rejuvenation
  • Work hard, play harder – everyone needs to recharge, do what you love, love what you do!

In the long run, managing yourself is the hardest job you will ever do. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses. Identifying your weaknesses and retraining yourself takes time. Take each day as a chance to improve!


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