Instagram Made Easy for 2018

Instagram Made Easy for 2018



We all get confused when we are acting on behalf of our business on social. What do you do or say and how do we get our brand across best? Follow this little cheat sheet to increase your exposure and make your Instagram cohesive to your brand.

  • Make your bio dynamic
    Use line breaks, have a call to action, give something for FREE, list new features
  • Use branded hashtags
    Create 7 – 10 hashtags for your business
    To hide generic hashtags use 123 button = return
    HINT: app hashtag for Likes Pro
  • Resize your photos for Instagram
    make image 1080px x 1080 px
  • Add a Border to your images
    Select image>Next>Filter>Choose Filter>Click on Filter Again> Click Small Box and click checkmark
  • Reorder and Prioritize your filters. Most brands stick to a few to be cohesive
    Click on gear manage box to reorder and hide (by unchecking filters)
  • Receive notifications from competitor’s content
    Let’s face it business is keeping up with competition…. Go to competitor post and turn on post notifications
  • Regram and Tag Influencers
    Regramming is like retweeting or sharing on FB. IG makes it more difficult but here’s the hack: Goto post to regram. Hit three dots on top right and Copy link. Repost to IG in scheduling tool
    HINT: Apps to make this easy Websta, Later, Sprout Social, Hootsuite
  • Find Top Influencers to Connect With
    Don’t be creepy. Follow social etiquette. Enter industry keywords and search
    HINT: app Buzzsumo
  • Earn 80% More Engagement with Geotagging
    You can geotag your images and videos. By tagging multiple areas you spread out your social casting net! Be true and don’t geotag randomly. Your followers will not keep up if it doesn’t make sense. To create go to Facebook app. Check In. Where are you. Start typing name of tag. Add. Select a category for your brand. Insert address to location by clicking home and entering address. Your custom location will populate anytime users search for your brand. This geotag is fun for contests that encourage consumers to check in =)
  • Practice the best times to post
    With IG algorithm changes follow the best times to reach your core demographics
    IG best times to post Weekdays. Monday highest 2am, 8am and 5pm. Worst time 3pm
    Hint: Try Tailwind for IG and Pinterest automation

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