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Connect Best with Your Target Audience with In House Social:
Organically Structured Social for Your Success!

All Packages Have An Additional One-Time Set Up Fee $ 149

Analyzation of your stats dictates the what, why and when of our Facebook program.
We have tried and tested the waters in your industry and know the language,
the visual needs and what will truly compel your audience to scale your social!

3x per week $195
5x per week $595

Includes Community Management: spam monitoring, rely/replies, constant optimization,
paid advertising and a $25 monthly credited ad spend

All Facebook plans include your content creation, optimized hashtagging and brand mentions and image selects.

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Although a part of Facebook now, Instagram still has their own rules. Good thing for you, iHeart Marketing knows them too!
Our monthly packages include post times that are dictated by your followers and their activity times to get you the best exposure.
Hashtag curation for each post and brand-based mentions when applicable to your visual content.
Daily posting multiple times per day is required to soar ahead of your competition now.
We post 3-4 times a day but this is dictated by your individual newsfeed.
Purchase more than one month with your first purchase and receive a FREE Profile Optimizing Refresher!

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iHeart Marketing approach to Pinterest is different than other platforms.
Pinterest caters to search engines and is not so social.
Enhanced pinning includes over 10 posts per day and a weekly board audits (if needed).
Cross-promoting your website, blog, e-portfolios, current promo’s and
your other social platforms is seamlessly integrated.
Optimization of keywording and hashtagging will allow you to gain exposure and
reach in all the right places… even with the google bots for your SEO!

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Connect on the world biggest professional platform LinkedIn. Create engagement and increase your connections.
Share professional updates and industry news, website information and establish personal connections with
like-minded individuals that are of interest to your business.

All LinkedIn Match Marketing packages are monthly and include:

2 posts per week about you

2 posts per week industry related

30 key connector emails to contacts based on your target market

Personalized messaging content


Includes all templates to select from

(Option to purchase just personal messaging for $195 monthly for 50 connections)

Photographer, Illustrators, Artist Reps and Stock Houses Manage Your LinkedIn Easily with BikiniLinks!
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