How’d You Get That Shot: The Technique Of Photographing by Photographers


How’d You Get That Shot?


A Spotlight Series About The Technique Of Photographic Imagery by Photographers For Photography! 

The digital era helps some of the finest industries expand and witness growth in techniques that can only come from science and the creation of new technology. This series is prepared to take you back to the knowledge, creativity, and personal techniques of real Photographers. By real I mean the people that have a sole purpose of photographing for a living. The Photographers that don’t rely on photoshop for visual remedies. Photographers that know the difference between an image shot on an iPhone and one from a full format camera. Photographers that remember the cost of developing a bad image instead of just deleting it. Photographers that makes the Whopper look like the most delicious sandwich around or the one that drives Moms everywhere to stores for Huggies! The Photographer that can capture the raw emotion of a sorrowful smile and make us feel compassion in one instant. 

Today the creativity and hard work that goes into taking one single image is so easily replaced with “Hey, that’s a great shot!” without the knowledge of where it even comes from. The endless uploaded media we share that really does not do the subject justice hurts the true craft behind what Photographers really do. As Lawyers will argue that they argue the best cases and Doctors will confirm they know the best remedy for your ailment, Photographers are no different… they are the true expert behind the lens! Their job is their passion! They have studied and perfected technique. Some are still studying to stay abreast of todays vastly changing technologies. When a Photographer looks at a group of people they do not see a group of people they see the balance of light, the contrast of colors, the mere depth of perception that alters the image to make it memorable for a lifetime. And that’s what this series is about!

Together lets bring the art of photography back into that special light where it belongs. Let’s get back to what really goes into making a single image! While the world is full of creative people I believe I have gathered some of the finest professional photographers to tell us about their stories. In the next several weeks they will share their visuals, their explanations of techniques, and their depth of what goes on while exposing how they got that shot. I hope you enjoy all of them, I know I will!

If you are a professional photographer or know of one that should be in this series please email us today at: [email protected]