Four Ways To Kill A Sale

Selling Is Not Telling!

No matter what you do sales is always a part of it. People are selling something everyday. In business there are rules and certain etiquette that needs to be followed to be successful at sales. Selling is not telling someone what they should buy from you. Selling is asking the pertinent questions that allow you (as a salesperson) to know what needs someone would like met. 

Secret be told, a successful salesperson doesn’t even look at themselves as a salesperson. Sales is fun, fulfilling, it is feeding the need in you to want to help people. It is quite a talent when you can read someones body language or match their wants and needs with them not even knowing themselves. 

So how do you learn these skills? My experience has taught me that not just anyone can be a salesperson. Sales is NOT something that can fully be taught without the hidden talent being installed in someone already. It is also NOT about money. When money becomes the factor of your sale you might as well start updating your resume. I believe a successful salesperson is born. A person well-rounded. One who can gets along with all of the packs. One who knows they have two ears and one mouth: and shuts the mouth long enough to await the opportunity of learning something new! 

To fail at success is easier to define, believe it or not. If you want to be a salesperson hold on… it’s a long and hilly roller coaster ride. Emotional ups and downs, more defeat to get to success, and having the strength in your vision of where you are going at all times! Try some of these tactics to immediately fail and get off the salesperson roller coaster:

  • Not listening to customers
    Selling is not telling, it’s listening! Close your mouth and use your ears. You’ll be amazed at what people say even without words! And yes, a good salesperson can hear these things even over the phone!
  • Overselling 
    Too much information can cause overload. If you talk up a service/product too much it’s likely to cause doubt and a need to “sleep on it” for a customer. Let the customer guide you and your success will follow them. Nobody likes to be “sold” People have more faith and comfort in salespeople that guide them with knowledge. After all, knowledge is power!
  • Improper training
    Don’t be led by the boss. Of course your boss wants you to make sale, they have their own personal agenda and quota to meet quarterly. That’s the bottom line for all businesses. Have integrity in knowing you always do the right thing and sales will come flooding to you in the form of repeat business!
  • Lack of follow-up 
    Knowing a sale does not always happen on the spot is key. Reading peoples signals will tell you firmly if they are in it for now, the near future, or farther. A sale made today doesn’t always leave you cashing a check at the bank the same day. Follow up, nurture, and always stay in touch. 

Now go on out there and practice your selling skills today!