Create Possibility and Cure The Winter Blues


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The winter blues are a serious thing. Get outdoors and cure your own blues. Running your business and staying creative takes extra focus in winter months. Your creative child needs to stay open to grow. Fresh air and being outdoors will always reinvigorate your creativity and give you a spark of energy that will give you motivation. Below are fifteen ideas to be outside more and keep your creative business mind flowing:

  • Exercise outdoors
    – Take a brisk 10 minute walk in the middle of your day or go for a run if that’s your thing.
  • Play sports outdoors
    – Join a local sports club. Check your towns website, libraries, facebook groups or local meetup groups.
  • Garden
    – Therapeutic as well and can often contribute to sparking a refreshed look at any project you are “stuck” on.
  • Eat outside
    – Check out a new place with a nice view (for added pleasure invite a like-minded friend that offers positive conversation).
  • Work, study or journal outdoors
    – Pack your bag and take it on your favorite trail, beach or even a sentimental cemetery. The grounds are gorgeous and the peace there can be up lifting.
  • Visit the beach
    – My personal favorite. The ocean always offers great solitude for anyone.
  • Go to an outdoor movie
    – Consider yourself lucky if you still have an outdoor theatre! If not google for the closest or a community movie night.
  • Take up an outdoor hobby
    – Something relaxing and as simple as bird watching can clear the mind in minutes. The songs they offer are an added bonus.
  • Window shop
    – Great way to gather inspiration and creativity in any retail area.
  • Talk on your porch
    – If you’re lucky enough to have a cute portico, stage it for an intimate sitting place. Invite great conversationalist and you are golden.
  • Spend time on the water
    – Take a local ferry ride round trip. In colder months you can sit inside the vessel and still gain from being on the water.
  • Visit a park
    – Local parks are a great inspiration. The grounds are beautifully maintained and usually filled with happy people.
  • Outdoor festivals and concerts
    – Check your local guides and add the events right into your work schedule.
  • Explore your surrounding city main streets and downtowns
    – Big city or small, there is a lot they offer. Cool architecture, vintage shops, and the power of friendly people.
  • Volunteer for a community give-back project
    – This is a great give back idea. Check your local parks and recreations for clean-up projects or something that feeds your personal passions. It’s also a great way to meet like-minded people. My favorite give back is volunteering at the local shelter to dog walk!
  • BONUS! Shut your phone off and hide away at your local library
    – Talk about inspiring. Most libraries have outdoor atrium settings to get lost in any book of your choice!


As with anything, there are several options and you can change it up to suit your own likes.

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