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Marketing Manager

Tired of all this marketing stuff? Good thing for you iHeart Marketing loves it! Let us handle all of your marketing tasks from start to finish. You stay focused on what you do best… running your business.

Sparkd Mrktg Plan

Opposite of systematic. Thorough, precise and logistically on target to your needs. This approach is based on personal contacts and a brand based marketing approach. It includes 8 personal emailers being sent out throughout your year. Set-up of small groups paired to visual content. Brand enhanced via personal emailer that includes elements of your logo and colors. Statistical information recorded and reported to you in a review session. All sessions include coaching on sales and follow-up to stats retrieved! This is not batch and blast methodology. It’s real. It is an in your target markets face approach that gets you results! Your target wants what they want? Give it to them with Sparkd Marketing by iHeart!

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LinkedIn Match-Marketing Plans

Connect to your prospects in the fastest growing professional network! Be active, stay in touch and find the top prospects that match what you do. Marketing is kicking it back to old school style with this program. This program utilizes statistical information from your systematic marketing and brand based marketing. Together they infuse marketing and sales to obtain a higher success rate for you!

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New To Marketing Or Like The Numbers Game? 

Gain exposure to your market with a simplified systematic marketing plan?
Check out our Marketing Manager Plans 

Marketing Manager – Traditional Marketing Roadmap Setup 

This consists of the setup of your marketing roadmap with seven campaigns, 6 selections of imagery, and schedule. This offers a plan you can walk away with and follow for successful marketing. Two check-ins throughout the year will be made to ensure you are following the roadmap!

Marketing Manager – On Track 

This plan starts with the setup of your traditional marketing roadmap with 7 image selections, scheduling for 7 campaigns, and timeline for all other segments of marketing. Together we carry out your roadmap. iHeart Marketing then executes email promotions per the roadmap. This is an easy hands off approach that allows you to keep busy with other tasks only you can do. Reports for prospecting and follow-up are provided. Unlimited communication means unlimited hand holding with a great educational foundation for you to learn the proper way to market!


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