Batch & Blast Emails = Old School

Stand Out


Buyers are overwhelmed with marketing messages today. Everyone is wondering “How to make themselves stand out?” or “What do I need to do to get their attention?” Truth is, there is no magic answer, subject line, or potion. Hard work pays off. As if marketing wasn’t already hard enough to keep inline for the small business owner, it is getting harder every day. Batch and blast emails are no longer good enough. Marketing needs to be brand based, personal and relevant to your markets or it will not be good enough.


  • Trustworthy
  • Relevance
  • Conversations NOT Campaigns
  • Coordinated
  • Strategic

Email services that offer large campaigning types of promotions are not that helpful in this market and can be a bit constraining. They lack integration on a personal level and do not allow you to orchestrate an intelligent one-on-one conversation.Most of the time they also relay your message as spam because of their nature. Knowing who you are sending an email to is the first deciding factor that winds you up in the trash or archived for future reference.


  • Distinguish between prospects, clients, and different segments of your messages
  • Formulate a solid marketing database reflective of your specific specialty
  • Create different messages for each of your segments: Prospects and Clients


Show them why they should be interested in your work. What do you offer them? How is what you do different than any other person selling the same services?

Tell them what you’ve been doing to keep busy since you last worked together. Your work, creativity, and growth will visually speak to them in any marketing message. Don’t forget to ask about them and what they have been up to in their work ventures.


Tying your marketing messages into your social channels as well as your traditional marketing channels is key. Flow of any marketing plan is well thought out and executed properly. Remember, a steady pace wins the race! Follow through is everything.


Paying attention to who’s paying attention pays! Knowing who was engaged by your marketing messages is important to your overall marketing effort. If you are not checking in statistically with your efforts you are losing crucial data that can land you in the arms of a new client. Integrate your stats into your follow-up. Making this step ensures your follow-ups are targeted, coordinated, relationship building, and strategically correct.


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How To Ace Your Cold Calls

Want To Know A Secret?


No one likes making cold calls. It’s sort of like working out. Both are a necessity to keep us healthy. In comparison making calls to prospects is necessary for your business to prosper and be healthy. When done both offer the same qualities: completion makes you feel great, both create positive opportunities, and with good results motivation is inspired!

First things first when considering your cold calls. Stop calling them COLD. Cold is a negative word. No one likes to be cold (even New Yorkers after this heat wave). But honestly are your calls cold? Is a call to someone cold? No at all. A call for business is made with good intent to practice great business skills. Connecting with the right people for your business and networking with clients in the same industry is a far leap from cold. Does any of that sound cold to you? I’d say it all sounds pretty hot! But for this purpose we can call your calls warm…. 

Steps to Making Your Warm Calls:

  1. Remember They Are Warm Calls
    You are reaching out to potential clients and business. Take pride in operating like a business. Think of each call as one step closer to a new client! 
  2. Make A Script
    Don’t intend to be a robot but have somewhat of a scripted word layout to follow. I find when the target says “Hello” there tends to be a brief period of shock… be prepared! 
  3. Make Ten Calls And Re-Evaluate
    Scripts, Smitts…. Re-evaluate your script after contacting (and yes, speaking to) ten people. After the horror of making calls simmers down you may want to use your experiences to freshen up your initial script. You don’t have to always follow that script. Remember it’s a crutch for that moment you forget. 
  4. Practice Your Revised Script
    Call ten more people and again talk to ten. Practice not only makes perfect but allows you to gain confidence. Confidence sells, and lets face it you are selling something… 
  5. Stop Reading And Smile
    On top of being confident smile. People can hear smile through the phone. It creates an easy forum for them to talk and open up. Be real and be you. This is all part of branding your voice to your business/name. 
  6. Remember Your Goals
    If you want face time with potential clients break up your calls by area. The appointments should have a completely different script than any other call. If you are calling to introduce yourself to the client or see how you can ease their workload be prepared to let them know specifics.

Making A Call Sheet

It can be as simple as an index card. I personally am a phone jotter. I jot down things when making calls and like to have a sheet of paper. Your goals can be a part of this sheet.

Be specific with your goals. For example:

I want to set two meetings and gain four new connections. 

Your goal sheet should look like this:






Remember as you become a pro at making your own calls you gain invaluable information. When clients will meet you, who is the one setting up meetings for the creative staff, and so on. On top of industry related inside info you will also have stats on your performance. You will soon know how many calls YOU take to get to your goals! 




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Doing Something Different With Your Marketing



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Doing what used to work with your marketing isn’t necessarily getting the same results it used to. Why is that? Social media has not only brought awareness across multiple platforms but it has increased resistance to our marketing efforts. Everyone is marketing something, pitching something, or kick starting their cause. So what’s a business to do? How does your voice filter through a clogged up news feed? How do you increase your durability in your marketing while creating a need? In other words, how do you stand out amongst the crowd. By offering something no one else offers you can stand out. But figuring out how to stand out in a room of numerous competitors isn’t that easy to figure out. The key is in a niche. Not your work directly but you… as a brand. Consider asking yourself these questions:

  • What do you stand for?
  • What does your work stand for?
  • What do clients get repeatedly when you deliver your work to them?
  • Is your consistency a strength? If you answered no to this consider visiting this post

Sometimes doing something different can cause a wave of new business or interest to your brand. The main concept of doing this however is knowing how to fit something new into your brand? For starters:

  • If you are always Reliable Ron than keep on being Ron!
  • If you have new techniques talk about them, get social
  • If you have new work that will increase your client base  show it
  • Have a personal project? Share it socially

Sometimes doing something different with your marketing can be as little as reaching out to a new client base. Targeting them specifically with the niche of work you have that fits what they do. Trimming down a large number of contacts to a small group makes this type of marketing easier. Emails, direct mail, and social media isn’t enough anymore. Put a voice to your brand. Time and time again I cannot tell you the most important and appreciated question I ask buyers when making connections for my clients: “How do you prefer to receive [insert your name here] new work updates?” Sometimes appreciating time and preferences will go a million miles to your recognition. Try it, you may find out it fits you too!


iHeart Marketing offers comprehensive marketing plans for small businesses with a focus on commercial artists, musicians, and hospitality. To learn what we can do for your business contact us today! 

Missing Your Target?

 What Good Is Targeted Marketing

If You’re Missing Your Target?

Is getting through to potential target clients becoming more of a challenge? If you are marketing and not hitting the proper contacts it’s almost better (and easier) to spend your marketing dollars elsewhere. Finding out contacts that WANT to receive your promotions can benefit you in the long run. Your marketing will benefit from being more effective, increase the amount of interest per promotion, and your marketing budget will be spent wisely with a quicker return on your investment. The old saying “Throwing spagetti up against the wall to see what sticks” is clearly not cutting it anymore for marketing.

Your potential clients are too inundated with numerous promotions these days.  It’s your responsibility to deliver your message in marketing not only clearly and precisely but in a manner that benefits your brand best. Additionally, your time spent on your marketing efforts is totally wasted if you are promoting to contacts that have no interest in working with you. For instance, purchased lists give you a full abundance of information. Problem with the information is it is NOT targeted to you. License agreements and purchased lists are basically public compiled data that everyone in your industry has access to. Taking the step further to target who is worthy of seeing your promotions will allow you to stand out and make sense of your market in a more intimate setting.

Targeting your potential clients can be very easy. For marketing I always recommend combining your personal contacts, dream clients, and a short generic list created from your database provider. However, after creating a list that fits your specialty you then must target that list down to your specific marketing needs. Having help with this task is great if you have the resources. If you are a hands on kind of owner or don’t have the resources you will need to spend some time with this. If not some options for assistance can be an intern, assistant, or marketing company.

Your generic list is the name I use to refer to any list created from a database provider. I call them generic because several other artists in your specialized field can create the SAME list. Going the step further will not only bring greater awareness to your brand but allow you greater results.

For more info on how you can target your market contact iHeart Marketing today! To schedule a FREE one-on-one consult please reserve your consult time today! To find out more details on our Targeted Marketing Services visit us here!