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The State of Photography Series

The State of Photography, iHeart Marketing, Heather Lefort

The State of Photography Series Do you ever wonder what inspires someone? Where they came from. What invoked their creative footprint from within? In this series you will find out. iHeart Marketing is getting personal with Photographer’s all over the world. From Fashion to food and travel to lifestyle. Locations to studios and everything between that empowers their […]

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Batch & Blast Emails = Old School

  Buyers are overwhelmed with marketing messages today. Everyone is wondering “How to make themselves stand out?” or “What do I need to do to get their attention?” Truth is, there is no magic answer, subject line, or potion. Hard work pays off. As if marketing wasn’t already hard enough to keep inline for the […]

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Doing Something Different With Your Marketing

  MARKETING HAS CHANGED DRAMATICALLY Doing what used to work with your marketing isn’t necessarily getting the same results it used to. Why is that? Social media has not only brought awareness across multiple platforms but it has increased resistance to our marketing efforts. Everyone is marketing something, pitching something, or kick starting their cause. So […]

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Keeping The Creative Child Alive In Your Business

Most of you went into Photography to be creative. The job comes with great perks: traveling, working for yourself, being involved in visual marketing, to name just a few. But when your Photography business faces the harsh reality that it is a business what happens? Your love of being a wanderlust creative crashes into reality. […]

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How’d You Get That Shot with Michelle Kawka

  A Spotlight Series About The Technique Of Photographic Imagery by Photographers For Photography!       NAME: Michelle Kawka, photographer Find Michelle on Facebook Tweet with Michelle Get Professional on LinkedIn with her Add her on Google+ See her videos on YouTube WHAT IS YOUR SPECIALTY ? Portraits, Corporate, Events and Weddings. I shoot […]

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