How To Ace Your Cold Calls

Want To Know A Secret?


No one likes making cold calls. It’s sort of like working out. Both are a necessity to keep us healthy. In comparison making calls to prospects is necessary for your business to prosper and be healthy. When done both offer the same qualities: completion makes you feel great, both create positive opportunities, and with good results motivation is inspired!

First things first when considering your cold calls. Stop calling them COLD. Cold is a negative word. No one likes to be cold (even New Yorkers after this heat wave). But honestly are your calls cold? Is a call to someone cold? No at all. A call for business is made with good intent to practice great business skills. Connecting with the right people for your business and networking with clients in the same industry is a far leap from cold. Does any of that sound cold to you? I’d say it all sounds pretty hot! But for this purpose we can call your calls warm…. 

Steps to Making Your Warm Calls:

  1. Remember They Are Warm Calls
    You are reaching out to potential clients and business. Take pride in operating like a business. Think of each call as one step closer to a new client! 
  2. Make A Script
    Don’t intend to be a robot but have somewhat of a scripted word layout to follow. I find when the target says “Hello” there tends to be a brief period of shock… be prepared! 
  3. Make Ten Calls And Re-Evaluate
    Scripts, Smitts…. Re-evaluate your script after contacting (and yes, speaking to) ten people. After the horror of making calls simmers down you may want to use your experiences to freshen up your initial script. You don’t have to always follow that script. Remember it’s a crutch for that moment you forget. 
  4. Practice Your Revised Script
    Call ten more people and again talk to ten. Practice not only makes perfect but allows you to gain confidence. Confidence sells, and lets face it you are selling something… 
  5. Stop Reading And Smile
    On top of being confident smile. People can hear smile through the phone. It creates an easy forum for them to talk and open up. Be real and be you. This is all part of branding your voice to your business/name. 
  6. Remember Your Goals
    If you want face time with potential clients break up your calls by area. The appointments should have a completely different script than any other call. If you are calling to introduce yourself to the client or see how you can ease their workload be prepared to let them know specifics.

Making A Call Sheet

It can be as simple as an index card. I personally am a phone jotter. I jot down things when making calls and like to have a sheet of paper. Your goals can be a part of this sheet.

Be specific with your goals. For example:

I want to set two meetings and gain four new connections. 

Your goal sheet should look like this:






Remember as you become a pro at making your own calls you gain invaluable information. When clients will meet you, who is the one setting up meetings for the creative staff, and so on. On top of industry related inside info you will also have stats on your performance. You will soon know how many calls YOU take to get to your goals! 




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It’s All About The Connections

What Exactly Are Connections?

Connections are iHeart Marketings fancy but realistic name for networking with a targeted group of people. Connections are like opportunities. There are several available to us on a daily basis but if we never make the effort then a connection will never be met. It is networking at its very best! Follow up with style! So how do you start making connections? It’s easy…. well for some it will be easier than others. 

Connections are basically follow up calls. Some call these type of calls cold calls but I like to use the phrase “warm calls” In a successful campaign these contacts should have been exposed to your brand by your promotions sent. If you are running a successful campaign connections can also serve as a confirmation that exposure of your name, brand, and work are working properly. 

So how do you begin?

Connections and networking can begin with the following:

  • A targeted sphere of people you want to connect with
  • Referrals from your sphere of influence (friends, family, past clients)
  • Contacts from groups and organizations
  • Statistics of people that showed an interest in your promotions

Rules to live by when networking and increasing your sphere of influence:

  • You never get a second chance to make a first impression
  • Be polite and courteous of others time
  • Get over yourself
  • Always ask for referrals from happy clients
  • Know your goal/s
  • Stay your eye on the prize…. more business!

Now that you have some pointers jump in and try to make some connections. If you fail, try again. Connections can be made personally or with the help of a hired hand. Sometimes having someone that is comfortable on the phone and enjoys speaking to people will get your foot farther in that door. The key benefits to this service is:

  • You can be made to appear more professional by having an assistant or manager doing your calls
  • Someone else has nothing to fear from your highly shelved dream clients
  • You can focus on other tasks in your business that only you can handle
  • Someone else may be able to obtain more details than you cause the person receiving the call isn’t on the spot

So whatever you chose make it the right choice for your business. Whether you make the connections or someone else does it has to be done.

~ Until we meet again, Happy Marketing!