RoadMap Of Marketing: 102

Roadmap Of Marketing: 102

So we’ve learned the first steps to setting up your marketing roadmap in our previous post. By now if you have not already done so you should have:

  • Defined your marketing goals
  • Have a clear vision of your budget for your marketing goals
  • Targeted the proper contacts you should be promoting to
  • Decided on a schedule that works for you (eg. January, March, May, etc…)
  • Researched email services that will suit your marketing needs

Now the next phase will require you to roll up your sleeves a bit and get bruitally honest with yourself. It is where we begin to integrate the different mediums that you will be utilizing as your avenues of exposure to your market. There are several avenues and they should consist of all or some of the list below:

  1. Website
  2. Foliosite
  3. Managed database
  4. Email
  5. Direct mail
  6. Phone calls (aka: connections)
  7. Meetings/appointments
  8. Social networking
  9. Maintaining past clients
  10. Special promotions
  11. Contests

My advice here is to choose what works best for you! Obviously doing all of these methods will increase your exposure and benefit your company the most but, that is not always feasible when reverting back to your budget. Utilize your budget as a guideline that will allow you to integrate what you want to do, with what you can afford to do. Marketing is not supposed to make you feel stressed. You should set up a plan that you can time manage into a set schedule throughout the year. A year is the perfect amount of time to run your campaign and gain the maximum exposure through consistency and hard work.  A good example of an integrated campaign based on marketing for a commercial artist with an annual budget of $ 5000.00 might look like this:

  • Website ($ 500)
  • Database ($ 1,000)
  • Email Marketing Services ($ 250)
  • Direct Mail ($ 1,500)
  • Phone calls ($ FREE!)
  • Social Media ($ FREE!)
  • Appointments ( $ 750)
  • Special Promotions ( $ 1000)


Keep in mind the amounts of the mediums will vary depending on what options you chose. The important options will be a balancing act of your budget. Weighing the best exposure with your budget will allow you to get the most out of your budget. Remember, just because something is FREE does not mean it will not cost you something. Social Media and Phone calls obviously will take your time. Decide what your time is worth and manage it wisely. Incorporating social media into after hours is a BIG save on your budget. Working one hour more a day can allow you to set up your social posts and make 25 calls to potential clients. The payoff can be HUGE! I find working before or after office hours run gets you the best focus time with less interruptions!

Now that we have laid out a great sample sit down and try to put your own together based on: your own goals and your personal budgets. For steps on getting started view Roadmap of Marketing 101 here. To set up a FREE marketing consultation with iHeart Marketing today click here. Your FREE marketing consult is only one click away!

~ Thanks for taking time out of your schedule to read and Happy Marketing until we speak again!