It’s All About The Connections

What Exactly Are Connections?

Connections are iHeart Marketings fancy but realistic name for networking with a targeted group of people. Connections are like opportunities. There are several available to us on a daily basis but if we never make the effort then a connection will never be met. It is networking at its very best! Follow up with style! So how do you start making connections? It’s easy…. well for some it will be easier than others. 

Connections are basically follow up calls. Some call these type of calls cold calls but I like to use the phrase “warm calls” In a successful campaign these contacts should have been exposed to your brand by your promotions sent. If you are running a successful campaign connections can also serve as a confirmation that exposure of your name, brand, and work are working properly. 

So how do you begin?

Connections and networking can begin with the following:

  • A targeted sphere of people you want to connect with
  • Referrals from your sphere of influence (friends, family, past clients)
  • Contacts from groups and organizations
  • Statistics of people that showed an interest in your promotions

Rules to live by when networking and increasing your sphere of influence:

  • You never get a second chance to make a first impression
  • Be polite and courteous of others time
  • Get over yourself
  • Always ask for referrals from happy clients
  • Know your goal/s
  • Stay your eye on the prize…. more business!

Now that you have some pointers jump in and try to make some connections. If you fail, try again. Connections can be made personally or with the help of a hired hand. Sometimes having someone that is comfortable on the phone and enjoys speaking to people will get your foot farther in that door. The key benefits to this service is:

  • You can be made to appear more professional by having an assistant or manager doing your calls
  • Someone else has nothing to fear from your highly shelved dream clients
  • You can focus on other tasks in your business that only you can handle
  • Someone else may be able to obtain more details than you cause the person receiving the call isn’t on the spot

So whatever you chose make it the right choice for your business. Whether you make the connections or someone else does it has to be done.

~ Until we meet again, Happy Marketing!