iHeart Marketing Celebrates ONE MONTH Anniversary!


After finally launching iHeart Marketing there are a quite a few things to celebrate. Firstly, the overwhelming response out there has been absolutely great! Knowing iHeart Marketing could help so many people right away is near and dear to my heart for sure! I’d like to shout out a special “Thank You!” to everybody who has added to my success with iHeart!

Secondly, launching my own business has allowed me to gain some perspective on a clearly defined roadmap of all of the steps that need to be taken to successfully stay on track. Not only have a I spoken with businesses for years about their marketing plan but now I get to evaluate and structure the plan with them in more detail on a one-on-one basis!

So what’s this “roadmap” I speak of? Many of you already know what the road map is. After all, how do we ever get to point B from point A without clearly defining the who, what, wheres, whys, and hows that will lead us there? In the past eighteen years of my career I have showed people how to successfully market and sell their “product” or “service” to the proper market. To do this, no matter what your product or service is you MUST have a roadmap.

In the next coming weeks you will be seeing all about the Roadmap of Marketing and learn how to begin. By the end of all blog posts your business will be off and running! Easily, consistently, and successfully.

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~ Happy Marketing until we speak again!