How To Hack Your SEO

SEO is always the a hot topic. In any industry, my number one questions with business owners is “How can I get to the top of the google page?” I love answering it. Keep in mind that SEO can be easily outsourced to competent people that do a great job. Unfortunately, running a small business means that you have to choose your own battles of which tasks you can do and which tasks are easier to pay someone to manage.

When I started iHeart Marketing, Inc. my bank account hated me. My dream and my vision definitely did not compare to the balance I had to invest in me. I had a huge task to manage AND I had no budget to pay anyone. Sound familiar? So like most entrepreneurs, I schooled myself, studied YouTube and found whatever instruction and insight on the web I can. I was very fortunate and came up with a solution for my problem. I vastly moved up the search engines and was able to wash away affiliations and prior associations I had to second and third pages.

The first step to this is knowing what your target market is going to type into the search engines. You can do a search on google, bing and yahoo to find the top searched ones. For instance and example, let’s use our own names for an exercise:

You will see the amount of time it takes the search engine to pull up the specific number of your key words used:

Underneath you can see your results unfold. As a side note, anyone who questions why they are on LinkedIn and Facebook can stop asking now…. Try to beat them to the top of any search engine. You are better off getting your profiles updated and inline with your branding and riding their party bus! They are the experts after all.  They come up first. But below [and hopefully] you should see anything else you are affiliated with. This is your target position for your company website.

So now that you found out where you rank this task can get real! Let’s jump in and show you how to work those web crawlers and bots to do their thing for you. The key word here is “Blog!”

Although the world is turning over to live videos and webinars Blogs serve a huge solution for all businesses no matter what their size. So until you are all sipping out of a pineapple from an island that you got to from your own company jet,  this is an easy FREE hack that takes a short amount of your time and life out of your day.

Start by creating a series of posts. Find your expertise, passion or even product line and start typing! More content will pull better however short and sweet will work too. Grab your keywords you searched earlier. These will fall into place in your hashtags and yes, I will convert you into a #hashtagbeliever if you are not one yet. Hopefully you have a nice list about ten to fifteen you can use throughout. Make sure you use them in your featured tags. If they are your top tags, like your name or type of business you want to create a category for them as well. You can select multiple choices in both areas but don’t go over board. A lot of people overuse hashtags because they don’t know how they work. Follow the K.I.S.S. rule here and keep it simple stupid.

After you start posting your blogs you will want to monitor your stats. The search time and results to the days. It shouldn’t take too long to work your way up. It does depend on many factors that vary though so be patient!


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