Habitual Rituals and How They Affect Your Success



We all have habits. A habit is defined as anything we do without thinking about it. Anything from the way we put on our pants in the morning to the way we brush our hair or the way we work. Our habits are learned. They are deeply embedded in us from childhood. The chances that you put your pants on right leg first was probably a learned pattern from your Mother who dressed you that way.


So how do our habits in business begin? Lots of things we do daily are an outcome of our learning, including our work ethics. Our daily patterns of following our habitual rituals are all triggered by our thought process. All habits have a trigger and a behavior pattern. We repeat it. If the habit or problem becomes an issue to us than that problem makes us stop to think about it. When we identify habits that are bad or triggered by a rooted thought pattern we can begin to weed out the issue and retrain our brains.

So how does this all relate to business? Good question. Our minds are the most active muscle in our body. Processing over three billion bits every second. We only know about 2,000 of them, but the mind processes these thoughts and they are embedded into our patterns and habits. We focus on the ones that we want to process. We choose which ones our mind pays attention to and which ones fuel our strategies. As children, we all developed strategies to deal with situations. Some upsetting or abusive and some just a place where we invented our own solution that made things easier. After all, it’s human nature to be lazy right? Our drive to get to the gym may be greater if we were overweight as a child and made fun of. Our drive to be successful could be mirrored to our admiration of a family member that was a hard worker and displayed happiness and success. These are the learned habits and patterns that our business relies on for production. We rely on these to gain the check point success marks to feel we are moving in the right direction. It is when we are not reaching those check points or moving forward that we begin to struggle.

So how do we identify the weeds that are keeping our mind from processing to our full potential? We have to ask ourselves “What happened to you?” When we are maxed out we are stuck in the hustle. Our lack of successes due to us not meeting our expectations begins the scraping to stay alive feeling, or life on standby feeling. Our feelings are the start of our thoughts and we convert them. So, if we choose the glass being half empty we could keep digging ourselves into this spiral. If we break the habit, think about our feelings and convert it to a half full glass or thank God I have a glass we are on the right track! Sometimes hitting the bottom is the best thing for us as business owners. The bottom is where all of our weeds are and it’s easier to identify what is holding us back.


The exercise to begin to weed and identify what is holding you back is something only you can work out. Ask yourself some of these questions or come up with your own:

  • What was I destined for?
  • What makes me happy?
  • Between Now and Dead is this how I want to live?

It is very important to write down this exercise. When you write things down it starts the action into motion. Begin to visualize your future based on what you want. Leap forward two years and write down what you see your business being like….


Now you have your benchmarks! Make a list of what you need to get there. What do you need to do daily, weekly, monthly? Recreate your check points. Embed your positive thoughts and anytime a negative thought tries to sneak attack your moral and mindset, stop, breathe and redirect back to this written list. Part of life is growing to our potential and this exercise is one that may need the process repeated at each stage in our life where we grow to our next level of potential!














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