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The excitement of wrapping up the year and your marketing is finally here! As we wrap up presents for loved ones and get into the holiday spirit we get to recap and appreciate our baby business and its growth for the year. Some of the questions we need to have answered to formulate our end picture are:

  • How many clients did we have in 2017?
  • How many new clients did we have in 2018?
  • What was our beginning marketing budget?
  • What was the overall cost on marketing?
  • Where was your ROI with your marketing mix?

This industry is not easy to calculate your ROI on social because the use of metrics isn’t typical as in other B2C or B2B business models. Campaigns, landing pages and lifetime customer values are too tricky and never reliable. Besides that most photographers and illustrators are wondering if they are even “doing” social right because they are unsure of the who, what, why and how’s. But if you allow your roadmap to act as a calendar of time spent, you will have a pretty accurate calculation on what your time spent was and your ROI for 2019. Your goal, most importantly, is to utilize the prove and improve method since it is hard for clients to tell you where they found your work (if they can even remember).

With all of that being said, hopefully, your baby has grown and you are on a direct path for 2019 for more growth. But if not, you are going to want to sit down, grab a pen and paper and pay attention! Heck, even if you are proud of your growth, pay attention too.

The marketing shift happens throughout the year in this industry. I watch it closely and manage my clients accounts accordingly. We’ve been through a lot this year with the Instagram and Facebook merge and all of the algorithm changes. On a good note, we Survived!

Now we get to focus more closely on our professional social platform LinkedIn for 2019. By this time next year we can date back to this very post and my advice: Get connected now or forever hold your peace!

The big agencies are not what everyone is after anymore. The work from them is few and far between. The real gravy in your growth is getting connected to the smaller in house creative departments. Lucky for you there is a list that has them! But I am not writing this as a pitch by any means.

Setting up your growth in 2019 is easy to roadmap. Your core elements must include:

  • Email campaign
  • Direct mail campaign
  • Social Media campaign
  • Consistent follow up method
  • Personalized connect attempts
  • Huge online presence


So how do you tailor all of these facets AND feed the creative child? It’s easy. Plan, plan, and plan! The better your roadmap is it will allow you better time management to focus on what you really want to focus on. Being realistic that you do not want to spend time doing marketing is key. Start out with a few hours a week and track your progress. If you are working smart (not hard) you will easily be able to drum your time down or increase it to meet your goals. Your roadmap will be your direct route to creating your email, direct mail and even your follow up routines. Never forget, consistency is king. To streamline your marketing even more your personalized connect attempts can also be built in and streamlined with your promotions and statistics. BikiniListsUSA has LinkedIn verified profile links called BikiniLinks! Your job just got easier. If you are utilizing another list and stuck in a contract it’s okay. You can do the same thing but it will require a little more admin time to verify your own profiles. This verification is crucial before sending a connect message since creative’s and brands change so often in this industry.

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So what’s the method to the LinkedIn madness? It’s a three-step process. Find out more here.

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