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Direct Mail


A bittersweet segment of your marketing that needs to get done! Once you set up your direct mail promotion it has to be managed.We can walk you through concept to completion AND do all of the hard work – getting your Direct Mail out! iHeart Marketing is a print broker so our discount is yours. We not only save you money but we match you with the best print house for your needs. Our expertise in press runs, paper selections and unique details will get you noticed. 

iHeart Marketing offers several options for direct mail management:

Start to Finish Mail Management 
Managing direct mail from design to press, press to delivery for arrival to your chosen market.

Stand Alone Direct Mail Campaigns 
Believe in the good old fashioned direct mail for your campaign? Good! Your job just got easier. iHeart Marketing can work with you to set up the best concept and follow it out for you.


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