No matter what your business is iHeart Marketing can show you the way! Consulting comes in several options that fit your needs. Setting up a direct
plan of action and road map is always best when navigated by two. 

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How are you marketing your work to hit your target market?

 2 Hour Marketing Consultation
Review your past and current marketing plan and set up a road map of your marketing. Figure out what is working and what is not working.  Discuss how to look for new ways of getting the attention of your target clients. We cover brand based marketing tactics as well as systematic. All digital marketing and traditional marketing options are applied so you take-away a great jump start to planning your campaign.
Campaign Set-up 
Get on a consistent schedule for the most success with all of your marketing. Image
selection, select marketing segments, and set schedule. Comes with two reviews to
ensure you are staying on schedule
Sales Accelerator 
Learn the beauty of selling with our Sales Accelerator. Not only are we holding your hand through the process so you learn but we complete all of the hard work! Sales was never so easy.
Running the show on your own? Looking for that one on one motivation? Here it is! Coaching sessions available weekly, monthly, and as scheduled. Discounts when purchased in bulk!
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