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Create Possibility and Cure The Winter Blues

                            The winter blues are a serious thing. Get outdoors and cure your own blues. Running your business and staying creative takes extra focus in winter months. Your creative child needs to stay open to grow. Fresh air and being outdoors will always […]

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Keeping The Creative Child Alive In Your Business

Most of you went into Photography to be creative. The job comes with great perks: traveling, working for yourself, being involved in visual marketing, to name just a few. But when your Photography business faces the harsh reality that it is a business what happens? Your love of being a wanderlust creative crashes into reality. […]

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How’d You Get That Shot with Steve Lesnick

  A Spotlight Series About The Technique Of Photographic Imagery by Photographers For Photography!   NAME: Steve Lesnick Facebook with Steve Tweet with Steve Get LinkedIn to Steve WHAT IS YOUR SPECIALTY: My specialty is capturing the fleeting emotional moments in lifestyle photography. HOW DID YOU GET STARTED IN THE PHOTOGRAPHY BUSINESS: I took photography […]

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