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5 Steps to Reconnecting with the Boss of You

5 Steps to Reconnecting with the Boss of You Let’s face it, we all need to reconnect with ourselves from time to time. Business, life, social and our internal maps overlap and have a need to be redefined so we stay on track. As your own boss it’s even tougher staying on track, especially when life happens. […]

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Create Possibility and Cure The Winter Blues

                            The winter blues are a serious thing. Get outdoors and cure your own blues. Running your business and staying creative takes extra focus in winter months. Your creative child needs to stay open to grow. Fresh air and being outdoors will always […]

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iHeart Marketing Celebrates ONE MONTH Anniversary!

 YAY iHEART MARKETING!!! After finally launching iHeart Marketing there are a quite a few things to celebrate. Firstly, the overwhelming response out there has been absolutely great! Knowing iHeart Marketing could help so many people right away is near and dear to my heart for sure! I’d like to shout out a special “Thank You!” […]

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